Frequently Asked Question

Shrifo business cards are the best replacement for traditional paper visiting cards. Shrifo cards are enabled with our most recent chip, which allows you to share contact information with a single tap and also includes your unique QR code for smartphones that do not support NFC.
Shrifo provides a hassle-free solution to every business and professional by not just sharing, but exchanging information. with just one tap or scan. With traditional paper visiting cards, you can share limited information about your business. whereas Shrifo allows you to share everything that you want. Shrifo cards can be shared unlimited times. Shrifo saves your money, time, and environment. Stop cutting trees for paper visiting cards and start using Shrifo smart cards to look smart.

Shrifo cards can be shared by tapping or scanning. The NFC (near-field communication) technology is used for the tap function, and a QR code can be scanned by any smartphone.We have provided a list of smartphones that are compatible with the tap function. It works with both Android and iOS.

After buying a Shrifo product, you can download our Shrifo-Digital Business Card application from the Play Store or App Store and then create your profile, adding links and data that you would like to share. After that, you can link your information with the Shrifo product form application.

Once your setup is complete, you can share information by just tapping your card on any NFC-compatible device or scanning the QR code. The best part is that others don't need an application to receive information.

After buying any Shrifo product, you will receive a call from our team of designer, and you can tell them your preferences for design and color. They will design it according to your wishes. We will show the design to you before printing; once you approve the design, we will print it on card.
No return or refund provided on customized products.